Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for McDowell County Schools! This is a short, 10 question quiz that all questions must be answered correctly. Take your time and feel free to attempt as many times as possible. When you pass, your results will be e-mailed and we will contact you about the next steps for becoming a volunteer.

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1. Is it okay to carry a firearm into the school if you have a concealed carry permit?
2. Since you are a volunteer, you do not need to sign the visitor guest log.
3. You find yourself free on a Thursday you are not usually scheduled to volunteer. Is it okay to drop by the Principal's office and offer your help?
4. You see a child writing on the bathroom walls as you walk by. You report it to the teacher. Is this the right action?
5. A kid complains of a headache. You have ibuprofen in your bag out in the car, and it could help them. Is it okay to give them some?
6. How do I get an appointment set up?
7. After you are finished with your task at hand, you can hang around and talk to other volunteers in the school.
8. Your best friend asks you, “Who is Josh Banks? My daughter has a crush on him and that is all she talks about. I know you volunteer at the school and probably know him.”

You replied with “He is the sweetest child. He is always so mannerly. You know he is the short boy with baby blue eyes in Mr. Williams’ class. He won Student of the Month last week and is a great kid.” Do you think this is approved by MCS?
9. How many years do you have to get your fingerprints rescanned?
10. Where do I get the parent volunteer application from?

Please make sure you have answered all questions before submitting your test.